"We at the Embassy of Sweden were very pleased to have cooperated with such a professional team who has not only managed to meet our quite specific requirements and short deadlines but also supported us throughout the whole selection process.

CVision has shown a profound knowledge of the local labor market and standard of service required for these type of assignments.

We are happy not only to have found such a professional partner but also a keen expert who’s willing to put forward suggestions to the client in order to achieve best possible outcome.

I am quite confident that the Embassy will continue to cooperate with these young and ambitious people in future."

Annika Larnholt
Chargé d’ Affaires a.i.
Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade

"CVision has helped us to start operations in Belgrade. They not only provided a good selection of candidates but also supported us in the whole recruitment process. Additionally they were able to adapt their hiring processes to our specific needs. I am looking forward to future cooperation."

Oliver Brack
Managing Director
Zühlke Engineering d.o.o.

"CVision has helped us to start the business in Serbia. They have provided us with very professional candidates and after the final selection we were very satisfied. I strongly recommend this professional and dynamic company."

Jakub Teodorowski
Country Manager

"Concrete, accurate, high quality, timely manner. These are the words that describe our cooperation with our friends from CVision.

As a public agency, we have specific needs in terms of selection and recruitment of candidates, especially in regard to their background checks and personal competencies, because we cannot allow ourselves any kind of mistake.

With CVision we get to the desired results simply, financially affordably, and we always learn something new. I believe that we will continue to cooperate with success."

Aleksandar Panovski
Head of Human Resources and General Affairs
Privatization Agency, Republic of Serbia

"We have cooperated with CVision recently for the first time, when we had a need for a specific profile of the candidate. The successful outcome of this selection process is to be thanked to the very quick response from the CVision Consultants, as well as their quality candidate who is now part of our team. We have continued cooperation with this agency, also very successfully."

Aleksandra Milosavljević
Recruitment, Selection and Competency Development Senior Officer
Delta Generali Insurance a.d.o. Belgrade

"The HR Agency "CVision" is primarily characterized by youth and ambition in achieving superior results in the HR field. Our cooperation was mainly, and will remain, based on training of all levels of management in my company. In this area, "CVision" stands out above all by incredible flexibility to the user, which is rare, according to my experience in cooperation with others. The fact that "CVision" has a young working team did not lessen the impression of professionalism; they are, on the contrary, absolutely aware of the current state of our society, and hence, of the state of the management in the companies that have been successfully privatized and they seek efficiency in the management of human resources.

The management training was very well planned and carried out in my company. At first, it reminded us of the basics of human resource management and then it evolved into a small competition with the help of practical exercises and real examples. In an unobtrusive way, the "CVision" team is able to stimulate the competitive spirit, without violating the employer's desire for teamwork.

The most important part of any training is the evaluation, group or individual. The agency has done it professionally and impartially and in such a way that the future actions can be seen, in terms of training and personal development of each manager or a group.

The knowledge of the current management, which I received as a feedback, was priceless to me being the person responsible for training managers of all levels."

Zoran Jović
Executive Manager for Development and Human Resource Management
Carnex Vrbas p.l.c.

The experiences of the participants of open trainings

Some of the responses of our participants to the question "What did you particularly like about the training?"

  • - The possibility of interaction with the coach and solving concrete problems
  • - Getting information on any doubts, obtaining answers to all the questions that I could not get anywhere else
  • - Good interaction, imposed by the coach
  • - The lecturer was excellent, with obvious work experience in industry
  • - The presentation was interesting and presented problems very successfully
  • - I got an answer to the most of the questions that interested me before I joined the training
  • - A small group, and, hence, a better interaction with the coach, clarity and precision of the lecturer
  • - I liked receiving all relevant information necessary to implement the law that was discussed, as well as obtaining explanations that have been important to me for taking further steps in fulfilling the obligations we discussed
  • - The presentation itself, way of looking at "problems" from the perspective of the employer, the willingness to find a "solution"
  • - Positive approach to solving problems without excessive theorizing, obvious expertise and experience of the lecturer
  • - I got the answers to the concrete problems from practice
  • - In a very pleasant atmosphere, I managed to solve some of my concerns that were related to the Labor law, I got the answers to some questions that I was not able to answer myself before, nor could other people
  • - The training is interactive, it is possible to do the workshop exercises for each part separately and thus to clarify the confusion; the training met my exact wishes